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Trailer Moving Dolly

An extremely common material handling solution to moving trailers down a manufacturing line or a congested storage area is our TrailerCaddy.

Trailer Movers Getting More out of Workers

We admit it isn’t faster that a speeding bullet, and you won’t find leaping tall buildings in the specs; but it can make you feel more powerful than a locomotive. If you’ve ever wanted to flex Superman muscles but your body is more Clark Kent, our incredible powered trailer mover is just what you’ve been looking for. The powerful DJ Products trailer movers turns ordinary workers into Supermen and Superwomen, allowing them to effortlessly transport heavy trailers and vehicles — no tights or capes required! DJ Products’ versatile powered trailer mover pushes and pulls trailers that require lifting on one end before maneuvering. Heavy equipment trailers, RVs, campers and boats are easily moved down assembly lines, from manufacturing plant to storage lot, across dealer lots, on and off showroom floors, or into position at trade shows — no need to hook up to a truck when you need to move these vehicles short distances, just slide in the trailer mover and a single worker can do the job, effortlessly.


Like all DJ Products electric mover, powered trailer movers are ergonomically designed to take the strain off workers.

The sore backs, strained muscles and exhausting overexertion that plague workers who wrestle with large trailered equipment are eliminated by DJ Products’ ergonomic design features. Any worker of any size or physical ability can easily move trailers, vehicles or equipment using DJ Products’ electric trailer mover. Ergonomic design significantly decreases worker injuries and their associated medical, insurance, worker’s compensation and lost man-hour costs, representing a considerable savings to employers. Less bulky than traditional equipment, DJ Products powered trailer mover is sleek, compact and designed to maneuver easily in tight spaces, diminishing potential damage to surrounding parts and equipment when moving bulky vehicles. The ergonomic variable speed twist grip prevents carpal tunnel syndrome while allowing operators instant and complete control over the unit at speeds of 0 to 3 mph in both forward or reverse. A high tech speed controller, neutral throttle braking and electric adjustable acceleration/braking ensure safe operation and maximum operator control of the unit. Click here for complete specs on DJ Products’ TrailerCaddy trailer mover.

Trailer Pusher Maximizes Assembly Line Efficiency

Manufacturers of trailers, campers and boat equipment have a unique challenge as their products moves down the assembly line getting formed into a complete and saleable unit, it becomes larger, heavier and much more difficult to manually maneuver.

As the trailers and equipment get larger, employees in many plants have one of two options – they can risk serious injury by trying to manually force the heavy equipment where it needs to go, or they can use forklifts, pallet jacks or other material handling equipment that wasn’t specifically designed for the job and risk not only injury, but damaging the equipment and product.

In order to complete any job properly the right equipment is a necessity and in the case of moving trailers, the Trailer Pusher from DJ Products is the best possible choice. The Trailer Pusher is completely reliable, ergonomically designed and makes moving the largest and heaviest of trailers easy enough that it can be done safely by a single employee.

Using the Trailer Pusher ensures that the employees are kept safe during the entire manufacturing process and that the brand new products won’t be damaged prior to even getting completed. Once the assembly process is complete, the Trailer Pusher can be used to safely and easily roll the finished product wherever it needs to go prior to shipping even it if means travelling a good distance over uneven terrain.