Keep Your Highly Paid Service Techs Under the Hood!

Move vehicles off the lot with TWO people, not 4 or 5!

Keeping your highly paid service techs working under the hood makes your business more efficient, and more profitable. The CarCaddy will help to keep them productive by reducing the manpower needed to move cars off the lot and into the shop.

DOUBLE your efficiency – The CarCaddy allows you to move vehicles with only 2 employees, not 4 or 5 typically needed. The CarCaddy is purpose built to boost productivity while reducing the staff needed to move vehicles. Now TWO employee of any age, strength or gender can move vehicles EFFICIENTLY and SAFELY! Interested in even more efficiency? Ask us how you can move vehicles with a SINGLE employee using our CarCaddy Remote Control model.

CarCaddy Efficiency

CarCaddy Car Pusher

Electric Car Pusher Mover
Electric Auto Pusher

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