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Military And DOD Applications

Military and DOD (GSA) processes have a very broad requirement for a material handling solutions. Military materials and equipment needing maneuvering may include: Vehicles, Trailers, Boats, Wheeled Equipment, and various materials, most of which require a trailered load.


Our Caddy Lines solve the needs of Military and DOD material handling processes:



Tugger Carts Moves Rolling Loads Easily

The versatile design of DJ Products’ CartCaddy powered mover makes it possible to adapt our ergonomically-designed powered movers to a wide variety of applications. From automobiles to shopping carts, our battery powered cart pushers allow the safe and easy transport of products, equipment or supplies from one site to another within your facility. Our tugger carts is just one of the specialized uses we’ve developed for our CartCaddy mover. The CartCaddy tugger carts was specifically designed to push rolls of paper, but can also be successfully used to move wire spools and other products and equipment that move in a straight line and roll on their own surface. The ergonomically-designed DJ Products’ CartCaddy tugger carts exerts directional force without operator effort, allowing the operator to safely and easily steer the unit and its load along the desired route. Ergonomic design minimizes the risk of injury from manual pushing and pulling of heavy carts and equipment, reducing medical insurance and workman’s compensation claims. Conveniently placed and ergonomically-designed controls, minimize carpal tunnel risk, maximize maneuverability, and ensure maximum operator control when the unit is in motion. The powered cart pusher is just one of the many versatile uses for DJ Products’ CartCaddies. We manufacture ergonomically-designed, battery-powered and tugger carts capable of handling any size load, from small, light-weight hospital laundry carts all the way up to heavy-duty industrial movers capable of handling 50,000-pound loads. Our CartCaddies can grip any size or shape cart or platform without special fabrication and can even handle overhanging loads safely. Our specially designed swivel arm allows loads to swivel 180 degrees without maneuvering to prevent dangerous overbalancing and tipping during transport. Our scissor lifts allow loads to be raised and lowered for handling at optimal heights.DJ Products’ CartCaddies are more versatile, maneuverable, cheaper to operate, use far less storage space, and are significantly less costly to purchase than the fork trucks, walkies and riding tugs often used in paper and wire manufacturing settings.

Motorized Trailer Dolly Move Trailers Safely

You wouldn’t think of pulling or pushing trailer on your own but with a powerful, ergonomically designed motorized trailer dolly from DJ Products you can do just that. Our TrailerCaddy motorized trailer dolly is capable of pushing and pulling RVs. campers, equipment trailers, and boats. You can use it to transport these items short distances, such as across a show room or down an assembly line. In other words, a DJ Products electric trailer mover is perfect for moving boats and trailers in tight spaces where a wheeled trailer will not fit. Our motorized trailer dolly let you move these kinds of large items in small areas and if used properly, you can minimize the chances that there will de damage to the vehicle you are trying to move or to the items that surround it.

Why take a chance that human effort alone can move a trailer a short distance without damaging it? Our electric trailer dolly can be made to your specification. We can easily customize the electric mover to work with any style trailer and the electric braking system can hold a trailer on an incline to stop the runaway trailers and the accidents that can result when a trailer slides away.

Electric trailer dolly comes with 3 deep cycle batteries for long run times and extended use between charges, making it perfect for your business, whether you have a rental center that needs to stage rental trailers on a regular basis or a marina where customers occasionally need help preparing their powered boats before launching them.

Trailer Tug makes a Big Difference

The DJ Products Trailer Tug is a little piece of equipment that can do big things.You don’t need something the size of a trailer to move a trailer. What you do need is a material handling solution that has been ergonomically designed to prevent the pain and strain that may otherwise occur when someone tries to move a trailer on their own or with the wrong equipment.

It can be tempting to think that you or one of your employees can just move a trailer a short distance but taking on such as task can cause more damage than you may realize. First, overextending the body when you manually lift and move a trailer from one location to another can cause significant strain on the body…the kind of strain that may seem to go away, only to flare up later. Second, trying to move a trailer, boat, or RV without adequate equipment may cause damage to whatever is in the surrounding area. You can overestimate the amount of control you have over large objects and not realize until it is too late that you did not have the grip or space needed to really maneuver something as large and as heavy as a trailer.

Our TrailerCaddy Trailer Tug can push or pull an RV, a camper, an equipment trailer or a boat. It is less bulky than traditional electric trailer puller products and offers increased control in tight areas. You can use our trailer mover to move a trailer or boat across a parking lot or just a short distance in a showroom.

Trailer Dolly Moves Heavy Equipment

There have always been strongmen who pitted themselves against modern machines in amazing feats of strength. Back when you were a small fry you probably watched them on TV or might have seen them in action at the county fair. Muscles bulging, in true John Henry fashion, these guys would harness themselves to a tractor trailer or railcar or some other amazingly heavy immovable object and with brute strength pull it down a street or across a field to the jaw-dropping awe of their audience.

Today, you can accomplish the same incredible feat and without the bulging muscles of a steel-driving man like John Henry. DJ Products’ Amazing TrailerCaddy trailer dolly allows a single, ordinary worker to push and pull a RV, camper, equipment trailer or boat with ease. The electric-powered TrailerCaddy trailer dolly is the perfect solution for moving wheeled trailers down an assembly line or into holding areas during manufacture. It’s the ideal tool for moving and positioning trailers at a showroom or trade show.

Less bulky than traditional material handling equipment used to pull trailers, DJ Products’ powered trailer mover provides precise operator control and maximum maneuverability, even in confined areas. Far less costly to maintain than other trailer pulling equipment on the market, the DJ Products trailer dolly also significantly decreases accident rates and their associated costs. Superior maneuverability and operator control also mean less chance of damage to surrounding parts and equipment.

Like all of DJ Products’ superior powered dolly, the TrailerCaddy trailer dolly is ergonomically-designed to eliminate the risk of musculoskeletal injury caused by pushing and pulling tasks. Overextension and strain on muscles during the pushing, pulling and maneuvering of heavy loads can cause severe physical damage to workers. Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries is long-term and expensive. In addition to high medical costs, musculoskeletal injuries can significantly increase insurance, workmen’s compensation, disability and lost man-hour costs. The ergonomic design of all DJ Products’ pushers, pullers and movers is geared to eliminate the considerable physical strain of moving heavy objects, thereby reducing the negative impact of accidents and injuries on your bottom line.

Motorized Wagon Optimizes Warehouse Operations

Many warehouse and distribution center employees face the unique challenge of preparing for dramatic increases in business during some seasons. In fact, depending upon the type of material being stored and shipped from a facility, the vast majority of shipments may occur during one brief window during the year. Without the proper material handling equipment, like the WagonCaddy Motorized Wagon from DJ Products, these exceedingly busy times of year can dramatically increase the chance of employee injury.

Even during the lower volume times of year manual material handling can increase the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. It might only take a single occasion where an employee attempts to strong arm a heavy load of product manually for a serious injury to occur. When the amount of incoming and outgoing shipments is doubled or tripled the chances of injuries caused by manually moving heavy carts of material goes up as well. The risk of injuries can be minimized if a warehouse or distribution center invests in equipment that is properly designed to handle hauling heavy loads of product like the WagonCaddy Motorized Wagon from DJ.

Workplace injuries can have a major impact on a business in a few different ways. A serious injury could put a very valuable member of the distribution center team out of work for the foreseeable future. This could put quite a bit of additional stress on the remaining employees who are left to fill the void during the busy times of year, possibly paving the way for additional injuries.

A serious injury to an employee can also result in the need for a costly workers’ compensation claim. Depending upon the severity of the injury a workers’ compensation claim could cost a distribution center thousands and thousands of dollars.

The WagonCaddy Motorized Wagon has built in safety features like an ergonomically designed variable speed control and an emergency stop switch. This makes this versatile piece of equipment an incredibly effective for increasing safety and efficiency in any high volume distributorship.