AirplaneCaddy Maneuverable

The Most Maneuverable Aircraft Tug in the Industry

180° Turning Capability!

The battery powered AircraftCaddy aircraft tug is designed to move your aircraft around the hangar with absolute precision and unrivaled maneuverability. The AircraftCaddy’s LAZY SUSAN design on the spring ramp allows for 180 degree turning with NO risk of over-turning or damaging the nose gear on your airplane. AircraftCaddy’s pinpoint handling reduces the risk of damage to your plane, other aircraft, the hangar, and most importantly you! The aircraft tugger’s ability to maneuver your aircraft in tightly stacked hangers or to staging on the ramp is unmatched in the small aircraft tug industry.

Safety is Key – The natural state of the braking system for the AirCraft Caddy is in the engaged/brake applied position. When the throttle is engaged, the brake is released to allow the unit to move. When the throttle is released, or should the unit lose power, the brake moves back to its natural position, i.e. the brake is engaged. This prevents any unintentional movement of the plane when the variable speed thumb twist pad is released.

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