Low Cost Terminal Tractor

low cost

The TrailerCaddy is a Low Cost Terminal Tractor

An inexpensive, maintenance free alternative to owning your own yard spotter or hostler.

At less than one-quarter the price, the TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor is a great alternative to a new yard spotter.

The TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor is purpose-built to move 48’ and 53’ trailers weighing up to 100,000 lbs. Operators can use the Terminal Tractor to move trailers with minimal training, are not required to have a Commercial Driver’s License, a health card, annual training or certification.

Battery powered, safe, and easy to use, our Terminal Tractor can be operated by a broad range of employees with minimal training, and no requirement for annual licensing. Compare that to having a yard truck driver on staff which will cost you more than $80k annually… for a SINGLE driver.

The TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor is rechargeable. No gas or diesel, no oil, no fumes, and none of the expensive maintenance associated with a combustion engine. The TrailerCaddy’s small footprint makes it easy to maneuver, simple to store, and re-charging is a breeze. Just plug it into any 110 outlet and it’s ready to use at any time.

For more information about the next revolution in moving trailers, call one of our sales engineers and ask about our on-site demo program. 1-800-686-2651

Why TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor

  • 1/4th the cost of a new shunt truck.
  • Battery Powered! Much Lower Maintenance compared to diesel or gas powered trucks.
  • No CDL or health card required.
  • Battery-powered means no emissions policy to worry about.
  • Call us to learn more about our affordable lease-to-own plan.

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