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Industrial Material Handling

Many industrial material handling situations involve the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products during the manufacturing process. Additionally, they include the distribution, consumption and disposal of those materials. The methods, mechanical equipment, systems, and related controls are the solution to the material handling process.

The movement of materials in manufacturing and distribution environments involve the palletizing of products, parts, and equipment or can be solved with product racks, carts and castered loads. Our CartCaddy motorized cart pushers offer solutions to these wheeled load applications. Depending on the specific demands of the project, such as the force necessary to maneuver the load as well as how to attach to it, determines which Cart Caddy solution that is necessary to solve it.

Products that we have which are extremely relevant to the industrial material handling solution include: Electric cart puller for pulling carts with 2-swivel casters; Electric cart puller for pulling carts with either 4-swivel casters or wagon wheel style of turning; Electric cart pusher for carts or equipment pushed/pulled in a straight line; Electric cart, power mover, and scissors lift for hauling parts and equipment; Electric Trailer Mover, Trailer Puller, Trailer Pusher.


Below is a breakdown of the individual products available to solve your material handling process:

Cart Pusher Moves Rolling Loads Easily

The versatile design of DJ Products’ CartCaddy powered cart pusher makes it possible to adapt our ergonomically-designed powered movers to a wide variety of applications. From automobiles to shopping carts, our battery powered cart pushers allow the safe and easy transport of products, equipment or supplies from one site to another within your facility. Our powered cart pusher is just one of the specialized uses we’ve developed for our CartCaddy pushers. The CartCaddy powered cart pushers were specifically designed to push rolls of paper, but can also be successfully used to move wire spools and other products and equipment that move in a straight line and roll on their own surface. The ergonomically-designed DJ Products’ CartCaddy powered cart pushers exerts directional force without operator effort, allowing the operator to safely and easily steer the unit and its load along the desired route. Ergonomic design minimizes the risk of injury from manual pushing and pulling of heavy carts and equipment, reducing medical insurance and workman’s compensation claims. Conveniently placed and ergonomically-designed controls, minimize carpal tunnel risk, maximize maneuverability, and ensure maximum operator control when the unit is in motion. The powered cart pusher is just one of the many versatile uses for DJ Products’ CartCaddies. We manufacture ergonomically-designed, battery-powered carts and power movers capable of handling any size load, from small, light-weight hospital laundry carts all the way up to heavy-duty industrial movers capable of handling 50,000-pound loads. Our CartCaddies can grip any size or shape cart or platform without special fabrication and can even handle overhanging loads safely. Our specially designed swivel arm allows loads to swivel 180 degrees without maneuvering to prevent dangerous overbalancing and tipping during transport. Our scissor lifts allow loads to be raised and lowered for handling at optimal heights.DJ Products’ CartCaddies are more versatile, maneuverable, cheaper to operate, use far less storage space, and are significantly less costly to purchase than the fork trucks, walkies and riding tugs often used in paper and wire manufacturing settings. To find out more about our versatile CartCaddy Powered Cart Pushers and other ergonomically-designed CartCaddy products, visit the DJ Products’ website today.

Electric Carts Can Increase Efficiency

In order for companies to grow to meet their full potential their current procedures will most likely have to evolve. Using traditional means of picking and shipping orders and relying on outdated equipment can result in wasted time and the possibility of mistakes.

Dividing a large warehouse into a number of smaller zones based on certain product characteristics can yield huge benefits in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Order pickers who are directed to a specific storage rack that is clearly and properly labeled will have a much easier time fulfilling orders than an employee who’s got to search an entire warehouse for material.

Employees who have access to the best material handling equipment will also be able to complete specific tasks quickly and more accurately. Electric carts from DJ Products are easy to maneuver in forward and reverse at up to three miles an hour, even when fully loaded with heavy parts. This allows workers to focus on accurately picking the necessary amount or parts without having to worry about potentially struggling back to the shipping department like they would with a manual cart.

DJ Products electric carts run on a powerful battery that can last for a full eight hour shift without needing to be recharged. Pickers won’t have to waste time in the middle of pulling a hot order to refuel or to transfer the material that they’ve already picked to a cart that is functioning. This reliability from electric carts ultimately saves a great deal of time and extra effort and it helps employees to tackle the largest of orders with the utmost confidence.

If you want to keep the customers that you have and eventually be able to serve to new ones, you’ve got to make sure that your picking and shipping departments can readily handle the volume. Make sure that your warehouse is properly structured and organized to handle the volume of orders that you are doing and provide your employees with safe and reliable equipment like the electric carts from DJ Products.