Improve Efficiency with the Battery-Powered RailCarCaddy Railcar Mover

Your productivity is often tied to efficiently moving railcars.

Operational Efficiency

Keeping operations running smoothly is a sure way to maximize efficiency… and profits. Say hello to the RailCarCaddy railcar mover.

Depending on a licensed driver to be available at a moment’s notice to move a railcar can impact operational efficiency. The battery powered RailCarCaddy railcar mover makes the movement of railcars easier than ever before!

This electric rail car mover can be operated by a broad range of employees. After minimal training, any member of your staff can use the RailCarCaddy to move railcars to help keep your operation running efficiency. Operating the unit does not require licensing or annual certification.

With RailCarCaddy, railcars can be moved the moment they need to be… JUST IN TIME…. keeping your operations efficient, and boosting profitability.

For more information about the RailCarCaddy railcar mover or to get the details about our on-site demo program, call one of our sales engineers at 1-800-686-2651.