A Housing Authority Tragedy that Turned into a Best Practice Success

logo_1-2About 10 years ago, the Rockford Housing Authority was jolted by a huge spike in its workman’s comp insurance premiums because of a serious injury.

Having an employee injured on the job was bad enough. He missed a lot of work, and that added pressure to Rockford’s already limited staff.

But it had a sobering after-effect on management:

Video thumbnail for youtube video unyedszuuhsWhat if their reputation became “the unsafe place to work?” What if it became impossible to hire future maintenance workers because that was the word on the street?

Rockford Housing Authority is a different place to work today…

  • It’s injury free and committed to the health and welfare of its staff
  • Maintenance departments across their properties love their tools, and are more productive
  • Workmans Comp premiums are reduced and controlled

Laura and Joe Tell Their WasteCaddy Story…

In this short interview below with Laura Snyder, Property Manager, and Joe Spinello, Maintenance Foreman (for 30 years), they explain the secret weapon they found that solved their perpetual need for safety, efficiency and cost savings.