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Hotel And Hospitality Supply Movement

The Hotel and Hospitality Supply Movement process must have a solution that can handle maneuvering in tight areas, handle pedestrian traffic, have a more appealing appearance, and be designed for lighter materials.

Our CartCaddy motorized cart puller product line offers these solutions to the Hospital Industry:



Hotels and Hospitals: Powered Carts Can Increase Efficiency & Reduce Strain

Employees in the hospitality industry as well as those working in actual hospitals can benefit by using a motorized powered cart to transport items like linens and cleaning supplies. If your employees are currently using carts that they push manually, consider the strain they may be under and consider switching to powered carts from DJ Products, such as a Powered Housekeeping Cart or a Motorized Clean Linen Wire Cart.

The Powered Housekeeping Cart and the Motorized Clean Linen Wire Cart can haul loads up to 700 lbs. The variable speed twist grips allow the operator to travel between 0-3 mph, forward or backward. Both of these carts can be used for an entire shift without re-charging. As long as they are charged, you do not have to worry that an employee will need to take time away from work tasks to wait while a powered cart charges. These carts can also be customized as needed for different environments.

Powered carts will not only help reduce strain and aches from repeated pulling, pushing and tugging–they may also reduce the time it takes for employees to complete their rounds. All of our products are battery powered “walk-behind” units, allowing better control by the operator, even in tight, difficult spaces. Allowing your workers to use ergonomically designed equipment, like motorized carts, can do a lot to reduce injury and the loss of productivity that goes with it. The proactive implementation of ergonomic policies can improve worker morale and make your operations much more efficient.

Be it a hospital or a casino or a hotel, you need to keep things going around the clock—linens need to be changed and rooms need to be cleaned on a continual basis. Powered carts can reduce the time it takes for employees to get this work completed and they will feel less strain as they finish their tasks.


Cart Mover Increases Productivity

When companies purchase material handling equipment they usually consider the product and where and how it’s going to be moved. What they leave out of the equation is people. But as Bob Trebilcock reminds us in a March 24, 2009 posting on Modern Materials Handling online, it’s people who move products and supplies from point to point. Neglecting to consider the impact of workers on production will invalidate your productivity assessments.

Trebilcock mentions programs some companies have implemented to improve worker morale and health that were showcased at the recent annual meeting of the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association. He talks about one manufacturer’s installation of a company cafeteria for worker use to cut down on driving time during lunch breaks and to provide workers easy access to nutritious food. He mentions a firm that opened an onsite medical clinic and pharmacy to improve employee health, conduct medical screenings and reduce medical costs to its self-insured health plan.

What surprised us here at DJ Products is that Trebilcock failed to mention the health, cost and productivity benefits of using ergonomically-designed material handling equipment such as the CartCaddyHD Chain Drive cart mover. Moving to ergonomic material handling equipment has been proven to drastically reduce on-the-job musculoskeletal injuries, improve worker morale and significantly increase productivity. Equipment costs are generally recouped within the first year, but savings in medical, health insurance, disability and workers’ compensation costs continue, as do savings from increased productivity. If a company is concerned about its workers’ health and safety, a move to a cart mover should head the list of improvements to be made.

A leader in the design and manufacture of ergonomic material handling equipment, DJ Products produces a wide variety of cart movers and battery-powered cart movers for every application. From heavy industrial/manufacturing and assembly line settings to the busy, narrow corridors of hospitals and hotels, DJ Products’ ergonomic material handling equipment is improving workers’ health and safety and increasing their productivity across America.

DJ Products’ designs its cart movers to take the strain of labor off the backs (and legs and arms and shoulders) of workers and put it where it belongs, on the material handling equipment they are using. Workers avoid the aches and pains that can make them less productive. Ergonomic equipment is less tiring to operate, keeping workers alert and productive for the entire length of their shift. Ergonomic equipment is easier to operate, allowing workers to complete each assignment more quickly, increasing shift productivity.If you really want to do something that will benefit your workers and increase productivity, make the switch to a cart mover. Visit the DJ Products website and let one of our ergonomic equipment specialists tell you how.

Cart Pusher Helps Working within Space Constraints

Some jobs require plenty of travel in tight spaces with material – like collecting laundry and linens in small hotels and motels and food distribution/collection in rehabilitation and medical centers. Moving down narrow hallways and corridors while these carts are empty is a reasonably easy task for one individual – but, take that light and easy to move cart and load it up with dozens of full food trays or a few hundred pounds of soiled linens and suddenly this job becomes a much more difficult task to handle. Due to space and budget constraints, these duties are performed manually by a single employee in many of these environments and with each extra food tray or bed sheet that gets piled in the carts, this job becomes more difficult and more dangerous for that employee to handle. Most motorized cart pushers and pullers are too large and bulky to maneuver these tight corridors, but the Cart CaddyLite cart pusher from DJ Products can handle the biggest jobs in the smallest spaces because its unique design lets a single user move it freely in even the tightest of quarters.

The Cart CaddyLite cart pusher can either push or pull loads of up to one thousand pounds that would normally require manual movement – this reduces the stress and strain on employees and greatly reduces the potential instances of workplace injury.These jobs are also customarily performed at whatever speed the employees are capable of performing them, and usually when the cart is fuller and heavier the pace slows. The Cart CaddyLite cart pusher allows any employee to operate quickly and efficiently through the entirety of these tasks, because the material will move as easily when the cart is full as it did when it was empty. The Cart CaddyLite from DJ Products gives users the safety, power and convenience of a large powered cart in a smaller and more versatile package.