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Powered Hospital Equipment Movers

In hospitals, the hospital material movement process must have a solution that can handle maneuvering in tight areas, handle pedestrian traffic, have a more appealing appearance, and be designed for lighter materials.

Our CartCaddy motorized cart pusher product line offer these solutions to the Hospital Industry:

  • Cart Puller The CartCaddyLite electric cart puller can push or pull hospital carts up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Cart Pusher – The CartCaddyShorty electric cart pusher can maneuver carts from 3,000 to 20,000 lbs.
  • Powered Cart. The PartsCaddyLite powered cart will move materials, parts, or machinery from one location to another.
  • Power Puller The CartCaddyLite Shorty power puller will easily move materials in confined areas.


Motorized Carts Remove Squeaky Wheels

DJ Products offers material handling solutions that allow employers to help their employees complete work tasks safely and with fewer sprains, strains and other injuries. For employers these products present an economic advantage since employees can be more efficient and are less likely to become injured at work. However, our products have other advantages that may not be immediately obvious.

In an article about how the abundance of noise in hospitals makes it difficult for patients who need to heal to get the rest they need, an Associated Press reporter commented:

“…the pagers and phones, the hallway chatter, the roommate, even the squeaky laundry carts all make for a not-so-restful place to heal.”

While we cannot guarantee that our products will make absolutely no noise, we can tell you that they are well made, efficient and could cut down on the squeaky wheels that patients may hear as they convalesce. Our motorized cart pushers are small, maneuverable and come with plenty of power to handle nearly all push or pull applications within a hospital. A motorized cart mover like the electric CartCaddyShorty cart pusher can play an important role in your hospital—aiding workers as they transport equipment, move food carts, maneuver laundry bins, and complete other daily tasks

Cart Puller Improves Working Conditions

Issues with staffing can wreak havoc inside of a nursing home environment where residents require constant care and attention. Nursing home owners can help to improve employee efficiency and improve working conditions by investing in equipment like the Cart Puller from DJ Products though. This easy to use and highly functional piece of equipment is perfectly designed to tackle the toughest of tasks inside of fast paced environments like nursing homes and hospitals.

The Cart Puller from DJ Products is powerful enough to easily haul carts weighing up to fifteen hundred pounds without putting any undue stress on employees. Despite the incredible power this piece of equipment delivers it comes in a very compact package though. The Cart Puller from DJ is the most compact and maneuverable puller available which makes it an ideal addition to any nursing home with narrow hallways, small rooms or other space constraints.

Clean and dirty linen carts and food carts can be exceedingly heavy when fully loaded and moving a hospital style bed can be a challenge for even the heartiest of employees. Employees who are required to manually transport these full carts or maneuver beds are at an increased risk of overexertion and of debilitating injuries. In order to perform these strenuous duties in a timely manner and with a minimal chance of suffering injuries nursing home employees need access to equipment that was designed to handle the task.

With a cart puller nursing home employees can focus on tackling important job duties without the fear of suffering injuries or without waiting for another employee to be available to assist. The addition of a piece of equipment like the cart puller instantly makes a nursing home a safer and more efficient working environment.

Electric Cart Pusher Increases Efficiency

People who work in a hospital spend a lot of time there but they certainly don’t want to spend a lot of time in the hospital as patients. You can help prevent your employees from experiencing strain and pain as they transport cart through a hospital using an electric cart pusher. You can keep productivity up and avoid having workers on medical leave with the right material handling solutions.

The CartCaddyShorty electric cart pusher is battery powered electric cart pusher designed to have enough power to maneuver a cart through a hospital. It is designed for easy maneuvering and pivoting of your loads. While the CartCaddyShorty electric cart pusher is small, it still has plenty of power to handle most push or pull applications within the hospital industry. This little machine packs a big punch and can usually last for 16 hours or two shifts.

The hospital material movement is a very busy environment where efficiency is key. If you work in a hospital, you don’t want to spend time having to make a lot of adjustments to the equipment that has been purchased to make your job easier. The CartCaddyShorty has a spring hitch option and customized attachment—this means that workers will not need to fabricate multiple attachments for the cart or your equipment. Since the CartCaddyShorty’s attachment springs down and upward and attaches firmly to the bottom of the cart, an operator can easily get to work pushing, pulling or maneuvering the cart.

Powered and Electric Carts Reduce Strain

Employees in the hospitality industry as well as those working in actual hospitals can benefit by using a electric cart to transport items like linens and cleaning supplies. If your employees are currently using carts that they push manually, consider the strain they may be under and consider switching to powered carts from DJ Products, such as a Powered Housekeeping Cart or a Motorized Clean Linen Wire Cart.

The Powered Housekeeping Cart and the Motorized Clean Linen Wire Cart can haul loads up to 700 lbs. The variable speed twist grips allow the operator to travel between 0-3 mph, forward or backward. Both of these carts can be used for an entire shift without re-charging. As long as they are charged, you do not have to worry that an employee will need to take time away from work tasks to wait while a electric cart charges. These carts can also be customized as needed for different environments.

Powered Carts will not only help reduce strain and aches from repeated pulling, pushing and tugging–they may also reduce the time it takes for employees to complete their rounds. All of our products are battery powered “walk-behind” units, allowing better control by the operator, even in tight, difficult spaces. Allowing your workers to use ergonomically designed equipment, like motorized carts, can do a lot to reduce injury and the loss of productivity that goes with it. The proactive implementation of ergonomic policies can improve worker morale and make your operations much more efficient.

Electric Tugger Lightens the Load

Hospital and nursing home employees have some very difficult duties to perform on a daily basis. Linen, laundry and food carts are very easy to push for a single person when they are empty, but start piling on trays full of food or dozens and dozens of sets of bedding and soiled clothing and these carts and get pretty heavy. A fully loaded cart could easily top out at around a thousand pounds, and for a lone employee that can be quite a bit of weight to bear. The main problem for making these jobs easier lies in the fact that many hospitals, rehab centers and nursing homes have small rooms, narrow hallways and tight quarters in which to operate in general – so trying to move a big and bulky piece of machinery to help you with your duties would be all but impossible. Thankfully, the Electric Tugger from DJ Products is designed specifically for operation in the narrowest of hallways and tightest of quarters so employees can handle these carts at their heaviest without the fear of strain.

The Electric Tugger is also ergonomically designed to keep overuse injuries at a minimum and to cut down on potential sick days and workman’s compensation claims. An Electric Tugger can also dramatically increase the speed at which hospital and nursing home employees perform these duties. Patients and residents can receive their food and have their rooms cleaned faster and this means that rooms and hallways will be clear of clutter for more of the day. Clear rooms and hallways are a necessity in these types of facilities to ensure that emergency personnel have the room to operate if necessary. An Electric Tugger cuts down on the chance of over exertion and lets any employee move fully loaded carts quickly, easily and helps to keep residents safe by allowing the staff to keep rooms and hallways clear. These jobs have been done without the help of equipment for years, but now that there is an Electric Tugger that can help get the job done more safely and efficiently, more and more facilities are attacking these necessary duties the smart way rather than the hard way.