Hospital Cart Mover

CartCaddyLite Shorty Hospital Cart Mover cuts down on the chance of overexertion and will allow your employees to move fully loaded carts quickly & easily.

PartsCaddy Lite – Hospital

Our PartsCaddy Platform Carts haul up to 1000 lbs. Battery powered with up to 16 hours of operation. Can be customized with any size bed or shelf.

Dialysis Cart Mover

The Dialysis Cart Mover is specifically designed for use in hospitals/ healthcare facilities. Moves 4-swiveled Dialysis Carts up to 1000 lbs in tight halls

WagonCaddy – Hospital

The WagonCaddy Industrial Power Movers haul up to 3000 lbs. Easy steering and custom table, bed & shelf options are available.

Powered Cart – Hospital

The Powered Cart takes the physical labor completely out of transporting supplies and allows hospital and hospitality cleaning and maintenance crews to keep up with the largest increases in volume.