Attention Risk Managers, Property Managers and Safety Geeks:

Trash rooms are the #1 area for injury and workers comp claims. 


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your business with our guide to Reducing Risk in the Trash Room.

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Insurance statistics show that the most dangerous area in a multi-family property is the trash room.

When employees push or pull heavy dumpsters manually from the trash room to curb side for hauler pick up, people get hurt and property gets damaged. And moving dumpsters over rough terrain, up inclines or across wet surfaces dramatically increases the risk of slips, falls and strains. 1 in 5 Workers Comp claims results in lost-time on the job, which means your employee cannot come to work the next day. The person that temporarily replaces your employee will be more expensive, and will not be familiar with the property. When an employee gets hurt at your property, it impacts employee morale, maintenance efficiency and your budget.

We hope our guide to Reducing Risk in the Trash Room has been helpful!