ANYONE Can Operate the TrailerCaddy – It’s ALWAYS AVAILABLE!


We get it.

Your profitability is tied to efficiently shifting trailers.

Operational Efficiency

Keeping dock operations running smoothly is a sure way to maximize efficiency… and profits. Say hello to the TrailerCaddy.

Depending on inbound drivers to move trailers can result in plugged loading docks, idle dock workers, frustration and lost profits. Calling a shunting service means you are subject to their schedule, and because most require a minimum charge, can turn out to be really expensive. Even if you have your own yard driver, at one-quarter the cost of a new yard-dog, the TrailerCaddy can be a cost-effective solution to move trailers around the yard.

The TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor was purpose-built for moving 48’ and 53’ trailers. This electric yard dog can be operated by a broad range of employees, including those without a Commercial Drivers’ License.

Most importantly – it’s always available, meaning that YOU determine when a trailer gets moved. That means trailers can be moved the moment they need to be… JUST IN TIME…. Keeping dock operations efficient. No More waiting on your hostler move trailers!

For more information about the TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor or to get the details about our on-site demo program, call one of our sales engineers at 1-800-686-2651.

Why TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor

  • No licensing, Health Card/Certificate or CDL required
  • Always available, no more waiting until a hostler has the time to connect to the trailer and move it.
  • Eliminate the need to have a highly paid licensed driver as an employee to move trailers around the yard.
  • Reduce the risk of “plugged” loading bays by having an “always available” TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor.
  • More efficient and affordable than “shunt service” providers. ($25 per trailer or $100/hour, but subject to their availability)

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