WasteCaddy has set out to save the world, one trash room at a time.

WasteCaddy Light Trash Container Mover

WasteCaddy Light Trash Container Mover
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They manufacture the Dumpster Mover, a battery powered, motorized tugger that is used to easily and safely move trash dumpsters from the trash room of a multifamily property to curbside for hauler pick up.

Winn Companies, the 6th largest multi-family property management company on the NMHC Top 50 list, has standardized the WasteCaddy across their portfolio of more than 500 properties.

Winn properties that meet certain criteria will budget for and receive a WasteCaddy as part of the 2017 budget cycle. Companies like Winn, AvalonBay and Greystar all have multiple units in service today.

Insurance companies recommend WasteCaddy products to those multifamily companies they insure in order to mitigate risk and abate personnel injury. Risk advisors typically review a company’s claim history and recommend ways to reduce risk and insurance premiums going forward. The county’s largest Workers’ Comp insurance broker, Marsh McClennan recommends the Dumpster Mover, as have risk consultants at both The Hartford and ICW Insurance.

Insurance statistics show that the trash room is the area of highest risk for injury on a multifamily property

For many multifamily businesses, employee safety is no longer one month’s initiative, but part of the company culture. They’ve noted the statistics and have revised policies and procedures related to moving trash in order to reduce risk and injury. Employee safety has become a key driver for change in the trash room.

There is also a strong financial incentive to revise these policies. It should come as no surprise that the high incidence of trash moving related injuries results in a proportionate incidence of Workers’ Comp claims. Industry statistics show that 20 percent of injuries related to moving trash on a multifamily property result in a lost time claim where employees can’t come back to work for some period of time.


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