Community Manager Discovers WasteCaddy Solution Reduces Maintenance Crew’s Back Strains

2db2320Daiva Sutton, Community Manager

“Having 800 apartments, we, on average, have at least four or five dumpsters on a daily basis, seven days a week. Sometimes more, depending on how many move-ins or move-outs there are in a day. I have a staff of 15 maintenance personnel. In the course of me managing, that staff has definitely been held back, strained and had medical leave as a result of that.

“It looks very good on paper but being a practical person, I had requested a demonstration to see if it would work in our environment. I was very pleased that WasteCaddy was able to accommodate that request. I did not have to buy a cat in a bag, I had an opportunity to get the equipment and test it to make sure it works for our environment. It definitely did.

“It does not require as much physical strength. I think that is the biggest factor. They can be done with a task that is, probably the least pleasant of their daily chores, faster and easier.

“An investment of $5,000 is easy to come across, for me, because I have an income of 800 apartments. When you have 100 apartments, you have to prioritize what you should buy. If they should invite WasteCaddy to our manager meeting. I said ‘Absolutely, yes.’ That’s all it took. When I saw the presentation at the Apartment Association it definitely looked good, it definitely impressed me.”