Car Mover Dolly & Heavy Truck Pusher

The CarCaddy Car Pusher and TruckCaddy Truck Pusher from DJ Products can immediately transform the operations at a mechanic shop by allowing employees to move stalled vehicles faster, safer and easier than they could manually.

The pace can be very fast and the labor can be very hard at a mechanic’s shop or car dealership where the right equipment isn’t readily available. If employees are required to manually push heavy cars, light trucks, semi’s or buses into bays for repair each vehicle will require more time to complete and will create another chance for injury.


The best way to ensure that employees are able to work as efficiently and safely as possible and that other property on the lot doesn’t get damaged is by having the proper equipment like the CarCaddy Car Pusher or the TruckCaddy Truck Pusher for moving vehicles.

The Truck Caddy Truck Pusher can easily push heavy vehicles weighing up to 50,000 thousand pounds without any stress or risk of injury to the operator while the CarCaddy Car Pusher can push vehicles up to 20,000 on flat ground.

The soft, adjustable and durable pad on the truck pusher or car pusher is designed to contour to the rear bumper of a wide variety of vehicles to prevent the possibility of scratches, dents or dings while pushing. The fact that the employees will be able to push the vehicles in a completely controlled fashion also helps to greatly minimize the risk of damage to other vehicles on the lot. Providing employees with a truck pusher is an affordable way for mechanics and auto lot owners to keep their employees, customers and merchandise safe while increasing the overall speed of operation.