Tips for Long Haul Drivers to Stay Family and Friend Connected While on the Road

Tips for Long Haul Drivers to Stay Family and Friend Connected While on the Road

Innovations in technology help to make our lives easier and improve safety as we go about our jobs. Products like the yard dog from DJ Products allow one person to easily, safely, and efficiently move semi-trailers weighing up to 100,000 lbs. This improves efficiency, reduces workplace injuries, and lowers costs for companies. Technology can also help long-haul drivers stay connected with loved ones while on the road, improving their mood and making time away more bearable for everyone.

Social media posts

Long-haul truckers get to see practically every corner of the United States. They see amazing natural wonders, interesting cities and towns, and man-made attractions. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow drivers to show everyone back home how their day is going and get feedback and support. With Facebook, posts can be sent to a wide audience of people or just a selected group of friends.

Face to face communication

Apps like FaceTime, Skype, and Google+ Hangouts allow truckers to have conversations with the entire family all at the same time. Kids can show their report cards or school projects. Being able to see family members during live conversations is one of the best ways to feel connected. Video messaging apps are available for a variety of portable devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Schedule time for loved ones every day

For long-haul truckers, maintaining a proper work-life balance has additional challenges. Just as trucks and other equipment need ongoing maintenance, relationships must also be maintained.

DJ Products carries a wide selection of low-maintenance, battery-powered products like the yard dog that help companies maximize manpower, reduce damage to docks and other equipment, and reduce risks of injury to workers. Contact one of our sales engineers for more information.