Health and Safety is Key

Health and Safety is Key

Your back is meant to last a lifetime, but a workplace injury can result in a lifetime of chronic pain instead. Here’s a look at proper warehouse equipment and other ways to minimize the risk of back injuries in your warehouse.

Tips for Preventing Back Injuries in the Workplace

• Muscle tightness restricts flexibility, increasing the likelihood of tears and sprains. Take frequent breaks to stretch and move around.

• Poor posture puts undue strain on the spine. Make it a point to keep head, shoulders and pelvis in line, with feet about shoulder-width apart. Gently tighten abs and buttocks, but refrain from overall tension.

• Wear sturdy and supportive footwear. Appropriate work gear will protect your feet as well as your back. Place rubber mats at work stations and other areas where employees stand for long periods of time.

• When sitting, keep your back firmly against the chair’s backrest with feet flat on the ground and knees aligned with hips. Adjust the height of the chair as needed so you can comfortably rest your arms at elbow height. If you handle transportation in-house, these guidelines apply to truck drivers as well.

• Keep heavy loads on shelves and other elevated surfaces whenever possible to alleviate strain when lifting.

• Twisting, pushing and pulling are the main causes of musculoskeletal injuries. Use appropriate warehouse equipment when transporting product to loading docks and other areas.

Improve Workplace Safety with Electric Warehouse Equipment from DJ Products

With battery-powered warehouse tugs, pushers and movers such as our popular CartCaddyLite, a single employee of any size, age or sex can easily move heavy loads. Our warehouse equipment is also ergonomically designed to prevent repetitive motion injuries.

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