Tips on Hiring Temporary Warehouse Staff from a Temp Agency

Tips on Hiring Temporary Warehouse Staff from a Temp Agency

In a survey sponsored by warehousing and transportation company KANE, a flexible workforce was the second-most sought-after feature in a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. If you use temporary labor as a way to manage demand spikes, there’s more to it than making sure they can operate your warehouse equipment.

Managing temporary workers is not the same as managing your permanent workforce. Here are some valuable tips to optimize productivity and minimize problems with temporary labor.

1. Work with the Same People Whenever Possible

Maintain a log of temps you have employed along with a brief evaluation of their work. When you’re ramping up your staff, specifically request the associates who have done the best job for you.

2. Establish a Standard Training Protocol

No matter how experienced temps may be, you can’t afford to “wing it” with a few minutes of on-the-spot training. Create a program that outlines everything a temp needs to know to be a productive team member and build presentation time into that day’s schedule. Don’t forget to include information about the company’s culture and general policies.

3. Allocate Workloads Strategically

Leave the essential and more complicated tasks to your full-time staff. Assign temps to easier, less critical jobs.

4. Make Safety a Priority

Don’t assume that temps are familiar with basic health and safety practices, even if the procedures are industry-standard. Provide temps with written guidelines to safe working practices and emergency policies.

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