Tips for Removing Grease from Concrete Floors in Your Warehouse

Tips for Removing Grease from Concrete Floors in Your Warehouse

Have you ever struggled to remove stubborn grease stains from laundry? Oil and other fluids from warehouse equipment cause the same problem in porous concrete floors. The difference is that greasy floors in the workplace are a serious safety hazard.

Fortunately, the floor isn’t doomed. Protect your workers from slip-and-fall accidents by using these tips to remove grease from concrete warehouse floors.

Removing Grease from Sealer

A sealer is often applied to the surface of concrete floors to help prevent liquids from penetrating. If there is a sealer on the warehouse floor, it’s difficult to tell just by sight whether the grease is trapped in the sealer or it’s actually seeped through into the concrete.

Remove the sealer with a citrus and soy oil-based stripper, taking care to ventilate the area and use personal protective equipment. If the underlying surface is clean, simply reseal the floor.

Removing Grease from Concrete

You may find that the grease stain has migrated into the concrete, or perhaps your warehouse floor doesn’t have a sealer in the first place. In that case, most commercial cleaners and solvents will loosen the grease particles.

Once that’s done, there are a couple of options for removing the stain.

– Wipe the area with cotton rags soaked with solvent.

– Steam-clean the floor and scrub with a degreaser.

After the floor has been thoroughly cleaned, coat with a grease-resistant sealer. Consider adding a top coat of finishing wax for easy maintenance and greater protection.

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