Summer Warehouse Pests - What to Look Out for in June and July

Summer Warehouse Pests – What to Look Out for in June and July

Warehouses are prime targets for invading pests. Insects, birds, and rodents wreak costly havoc on large structures. In the warmer months of June and July, pests can sully workspaces and quality warehouse equipment. Rodent infestation is an especially worrisome problem and has been accountable for spreading more than 50 known diseases. Implementing common sense safeguards can ensure your employees and your investments remain secure.

Safeguard Quality Workers and Warehouse Equipment

Protecting your employees and safeguarding quality machinery like those offered by DJ Products is important to the success of your business. Pests climb into the electrical portions of warehouse equipment and gnaw or loosen wiring. When pests attack, chances of workspace equipment accruing damage grows.

Pest problems decrease your bottom line and increase the potential for a bad review. You can safeguard your workers and the warehouse equipment they use by investing in a time-tested pest control regimen. Daily diligence promotes ideal working conditions.

One way to ensure pests don’t eat up your products or profits is by thoroughly checking key areas. Below are some warehouse areas birds, rodents, and insects love to hide in:

– HVAC Systems

– Loading Docks

– Overhead Doors/Rafters

– Hole-ridden Pipes

– Wooden Pallets

– Dumpster areas

– Warehouse Equipment

Safety Tips

Advising employees to look before they grab products or move waste bins can have a positive and instant effect. Utilizing DJ Products that alleviate potential for injuries like dumpster movers decreases the likelihood pest contact points occur. Receiving scratches or bites from pests such as mice/rats may result in infection.

Premium machinery also saves warehouse workers from unnecessary muscle strain. Multi-functioning equipment lowers on-the-job injuries by acting as “middle-man” to promote safer, more efficient working conditions.

Safeguarding against pests or pain, DJ Products can help your warehouse stay professional!