Five Tips to Turn Your Warehouse into a Clean and Organized Space

Five Tips to Turn Your Warehouse into a Clean and Organized Space

Housekeeping isn’t just for your home. Clutter and debris in the workplace can negatively impact employee productivity and efficient performance of warehouse equipment while increasing risk of injury.

Don’t let good cleaning practices get lost in the hectic rush of day-to-day operations. Here are some expert tips to keep your warehouse organized and clutter-free.

Establish a Cleaning Schedule

Take a week to analyze operations and determine areas where clutter tends to accumulate. Pay careful attention to loading docks, workstations and other high-traffic spots.

If it’s within your budget, consider hiring an outside cleaning service. Otherwise, create a specific list of cleaning tasks and add them to the daily, weekly or monthly schedule where appropriate. Keep cleaning supplies in strategic locations for employees’ convenience.

Use the Right Warehouse Management Software

When workflows are poorly organized, it’s reflected in a cluttered and messy warehouse. Effective warehouse management software optimizes productivity and eliminates inefficient procedures.

Evaluate Warehouse Floor Plan and Storage

Do warehouse aisles, workstations and storage areas follow a logical set-up? Minimize clutter with a floor plan that reduces employee travel time and eliminates traffic bottlenecks.

Streamline Picking and Order Fulfillment Procedures

Implement a picking method that’s best suited for your business and organize inventory accordingly. Keep warehouse equipment located in proximity to bulkier items.

Eliminate Slow-Moving Items

SKUs that don’t turn do nothing more than take up space that’s better used for more profitable items. Assess your product line and look for opportunities to remove items that don’t meet an acceptable turnover rate.

Improve Efficiency with Warehouse Equipment from DJ Products

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