A Team-Oriented Warehouse Staff is a Productive Warehouse Staff

A Team-Oriented Warehouse Staff is a Productive Warehouse Staff

The finest warehouse equipment money can buy means nothing if the employees using it aren’t on the same page. How do you get a group of individuals working toward the same goal? Here are five helpful tips to build trust among your employees so they’re working as a team.

1. Be a Leader

Every team needs a leader, but that doesn’t mean someone who imposes their will on its members. Keep the lines of communication open and be prepared to listen to employees’ concerns and ideas. Don’t let other duties distract you from what’s happening on the warehouse floor.

2. Promote a Culture of Collaboration

Do your employees stay within the narrow “walls” of their job responsibilities? Start assigning groups of two or more to work on different projects. The jobs will be more interesting, they’ll get finished sooner and the employees will develop a bond of trust.

3. Conduct Cross-Training

When employees have a greater understanding of each other’s jobs, the team will function more smoothly and have a solid base for overcoming conflicts.

4. Plan Team Time Outside the Warehouse

It can be difficult to get a full appreciation of people and their personalities in a work environment. Social activities such as picnics and ball games provide a low-stress opportunity for employees to build friendships. Don’t make these gatherings mandatory, as that could end up being counterproductive.

5. Celebrate Success

Celebrating attainment of goals helps employees internalize their role in the company’s success and build their personal sense of worth.

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