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VIDEO: CartCaddy Shopping Cart Retriever Pushes Up to 50 Nested Carts

By March 22, 2021No Comments

The CartCaddy Shopping Cart Retriever allows one person to safely and efficiently maneuver up to 50 nested shopping carts from parking lot to cart collection point. The battery-powered cart mover is ideal for grocery stores and retail locations with carts for customer use.

Manually pushing shopping carts is clumsy, time-consuming and can cause injury. The CartCaddy Shopping Cart Retriever is easy-to-maneuver,  gather and relocate more carts more quickly. The unit also helps keep lots clutter-free and easy to navigate.

The CartCaddy’s remote-control option allows for smooth and automatic operation.

How to Use
  1. Simply align the CartCaddy with the nested carts
  2. Lift the back of the shopping cart, placing the wheels in the unit’s cups
  3. Stand at the front of the nested carts, keeping one hand on the lead cart to steer the carts to the collection point
  4. The organized carts are readily available for customers

The CartCaddy Shopping Cart Retriever saves time, cuts down on costly labor hours, and improves operational flow. For information or a quote, please contact a sales engineer at 1-800-686-2651 or via email at