Innovations in Warehouse Automation Allows Less to Do More

Innovations in Warehouse Automation Allows Less to Do More

Our battery-powered industrial tugs let a single worker complete tasks that usually take at least two people. What is the fewest number of employees it takes to conduct day-to-day operations in your warehouse?

Amazingly, a warehouse in China is processing 200,000 orders per day with only four human employees, who principally service the robots performing the actual work. Is this wholesale conversion to automation a sign of things to come?

Warehouse Automation from Start to Finish is a massive e-commerce company that is China’s largest retailer in terms of revenue. Due to’s continued growth, the company nearly doubled its warehouse space between Q1 2017 and Q1 2018.

The warehouse in question is located in Kunshan, just outside of Shanghai. A complex, fully automated network including conveyors, image scanners and driverless forklifts handles the entire process from receiving to shipping.

Meeting Expectations of a Demanding Customer Base

While has a firm foothold in China’s major cities, the company believes its automated fulfillment center will allow it to expand into more remote areas. expects to provide same-day delivery service anywhere in China when orders are placed by 11 a.m.

In order to satisfy demanding Chinese consumers, and its closest competitor, Alibaba, are constantly seeking ways to make supply chains faster and more efficient. One solution is moving repetitive tasks from a human workforce to robotic workers.

Save Time and Labor with Electric Industrial Tugs

Are you also looking for ways to optimize the supply chain in your warehouse? With industrial tugs from DJ Products, a single employee can move loads weighing thousands of pounds, freeing others to attend to more important jobs.

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