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Innovation to Drive Future Production

Has your supply chain company fully committed to the high-tech advancements that are revolutionizing the industry? Embracing technology like data capture and terminal tractors is the most strategic way to attract a talented workforce.

Solving the Supply Chain Employment Crisis

The supply chain sector is facing a dire shortage of qualified workers. According to the 2016 MHI Annual Industry Report, approximately 600,000 manufacturing positions in the United States go unfilled and 58 percent of survey respondents reported major difficulties in hiring and retaining skilled workers.

Rather than continuing to search within the same talent pool, why not target the next generation that’s preparing to enter the workforce? The challenge is making an older-skewing industry appealing to younger workers.

Changing the Perception of Supply Chain for a New Generation

Today’s twenty-somethings have grown up with technology, so it’s an integral part of their lives. Incorporating technology in your company makes the business more relevant to them and offers a way for younger workers to express their ingenuity and creativity.

Technology was once seen as merely a way to automate and simplify repetitive tasks. Younger employees, who are familiar with the range and application of technology, want to use these methods to manage and grow a business.

Do you need another reason to invest in technological solutions for your company? In addition to making your workplace attractive to younger generations, technology cuts costs in the long run by improving productivity.

State-of-the-Art Technology for Material Handling Solutions from DJ Products

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