A Fleet Manager's Job is All About Performance and Driver Retention

A Fleet Manager’s Job is All About Performance and Driver Retention

Thanks to the explosion of online retailing, it’s more important than ever for companies to set themselves apart from the competition with superior delivery service. From choosing terminal tractors to training drivers, fleet managers are responsible for optimizing truck and trailer performance.

The function of a fleet manager has remained fairly consistent over time, but technology is expected to create a major shift in job expectations. Here’s a look at today’s fleet manager and the changes on the horizon.

Responsibilities of a Fleet Manager

– Fleet managers use delivery forecasts and company budgets to determine how many trucks and trailers are needed. Some businesses own their fleets outright and some rent vehicles, while others use a hybrid approach with a blend of both methods.

– Out-of-service trucks and trailers severely hamper prompt delivery service, so fleet managers oversee the maintenance schedule and make sure repairs are completed in a timely manner. In addition, fleet managers must ensure that vehicles are compliant with all safety regulations.

– Fleet managers communicate with drivers to provide all necessary tools and training.

– With tight margins in transportation, fleet managers can positively impact the numbers with good performance management, such as choosing the right type of fuel.

What Does the Future Hold?

Just as it has impacted virtually every other industry, technology is changing the face of fleet management. While managers have traditionally come from the mechanical side, future managers will likely have analytics and IT backgrounds with extensive knowledge of telematics, logistics software and other digital tools.

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