In 2018 Intermodal Services between Semi and Rail are Set to Grow

In 2018 Intermodal Services between Semi and Rail are Set to Grow

Over 2018-2019, intermodal services between semi and rail are expected to grow between 6-9%. Although these services have potentially positive potential, they are not without challenges. Determining new ways to optimize today’s intermodal services is key.

Idiosyncrasies of Intermodal Services to Watch:

Driver Pay
Though a favored position for drivers who can return home each night, dray pay is lower than other delivery types, and must be carefully evaluated to avoid the loss of superior drivers to shared labor pools with better income opportunities.

Inventory Management
With shippers looking to consistent and reliable delivery in choosing carriers, tighter inventory control measures are necessary to offset the shipping times of reliable, but typically longer, intermodal services.

Higher Rates and Tighter Capacity
Higher rates and tighter capacity are making manpower and efficiency boosters like smart inventory management systems and electronic semi trailer movers more important than ever before. A team outlook, aligning your goals with those of your clients, can offer huge payoffs here, helping you retain your position as a favored shipper in today’s dog eat dog world of freight transportation.

Changing Service Times Due to ELDs
With intermodal services, typically the closer to ramps at pickup and destination, the more reasonable rates will be. Though still true today, electronic logging devices (ELDs) remain a wrench in the works, resulting in some types of fright taking longer to transport than ever before.

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