Fleet Manager Tips: Using In-Cab Video to Improve Safe Driving

Fleet Manager Tips: Using In-Cab Video to Improve Safe Driving

Are your drivers equipped with the intel they need to navigate the highway battle zone they face daily? It’s a jungle out there, and without the right preparations you could be sending them unprepared into an extremely hazardous situation.


Drivers face a host of tactical hazards. In a University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute study, the actions of 81% of motorists in investigated collisions were identified as ‘assigned factors’ in accidents. The study found automobiles the ‘encroaching vehicle’ in 89% of head-on collisions, 88% of rear-end crashes, and 88% of opposite-direction side-swipes.


Unlike a motorized semi trailer mover, which requires little-to-no training for accident-free operation, safely operating a semi requires a unique skill set, especially in a world of auto-driving ‘amateurs’. To circumnavigate an on-road ambush, Custom Ecology Inc. fleet safety director Rob Arbeiter is turning to in-cab video training.

Mimicking the infamous movie, Arbeiter’s ‘Top Gun’ style training is highly-effective. Using DriveCam-captured in-cab video clips to showcase hard-braking and other incidents, pre and post ‘flight briefings’ are administered to enhance driver skills, protecting drivers, reducing accidents, and saving money.


The in-cab videos often exonerate drivers, such as those involved in accidents where other autos run stop signs or worse: Purposefully ramming into tractor-trailers falsely claiming driver negligence for a payout. Here, a simple ‘I’ve got it on video’ eliminates shenanigans. Videos can likewise help correct driver habits, such as when a driver isn’t at-fault, but could’ve prevented an accident with more frequent mirror checks, helping sharpen skills and ultimately protecting the livelihood of drivers.

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