World's Shipping Industry Sets Aggressive Goal to Obtain by 2050

World’s Shipping Industry Sets Aggressive Goal to Obtain by 2050

Are you using an eco-friendly electric terminal tractor to handle your semi trailer moving needs? The global shipping industry has fully embraced a green mandate with an agreement to cut carbon emissions in half by the year 2050.

Seeking an International Solution to Carbon Emissions

The landmark deal was finalized on April 13 by members of the UN International Maritime Organization. Plans call for a minimum 50 percent total reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions against the benchmark measure of 2008.

During the two-week discussion period held in London, not all of the organization’s 173 member nations were initially in accord. Saudi Arabia and the United States raised objections to earlier drafts, while some members, including the Marshall Islands and the EU, lobbied for higher reduction goals.

In the end, stakeholders expressed satisfaction with the final terms of the agreement. Peter Hinchcliffe, secretary general of the International Chamber for Shipping, called it a “clear signal” for the shipping industry to develop zero carbon dioxide fuels.

The Fight Against Global Warming

The United Nations Paris climate agreement of 2015 did not include aviation and shipping. While the aviation industry subsequently forged its own emissions plan, shipping’s reliance on bunker fuel to run long-distance ships presented a greater challenge.

Shipping currently produces approximately two percent of carbon emissions worldwide. Experts at the World Bank have warned that the figure could eventually reach 15 percent if steps are not taken to halt growth.

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