In addition to satisfying clients and operating legally, you need to make the health, well-being, and safety of your truckers and other employees your top priorities. Products like the DJ Products powered trailer dolly improve the efficiency of companies and safety of yard personnel. The following tips can help your truckers stay healthy on the road.

A wellness program

Company-sponsored wellness programs are proven to be an effective way of helping employees maintain a healthy overall lifestyle. Truckers are at high risk of obesity due to limited healthy food options on the road and having a job that requires sitting for extended periods of time. Programs can save companies money by improving productivity, reducing the risks of chronic diseases, and keeping employees happy and loyal.

Help them overcome bad habits and addictions

Employers should be mindful of all the risks long-haul drivers face. Many hard-working, knowledgeable, and experienced truckers have picked up bad habits like smoking over the years. Long hours of traveling alone make it easy to pick up and maintain bad habits. Offer truckers non-judgemental programs and help in overcoming bad habits and addictions so they live more fulfilled lives and are more productive drivers.

Help them get plenty of rest

Time and miles are money in the trucking industry. Too often, companies focus solely on getting the most productivity out of their drivers without thinking about the health and safety of the person. Drivers getting ample rest must be just as important as customers getting products on time. Convey that in all communications with drivers.

We can help you save time, maximize manpower, and prevent injuries with products like our powered trailer dolly and heavy truck pusher. Contact DJ Products today for more information and a free demo.