Hotel Housekeeping Embraces High Tech Software to Prevent Bottlenecks in Service

Hotel Housekeeping Embraces High Tech Software to Prevent Bottlenecks in Service

Trouble between the front office and housekeeping staff of your hotel? Smart-tech and powered linen carts are driving a revolution, increasing the quality of communication between these two, often rival, staff subsets.

Beating Bottlenecks & Banishing Battles

Smart property management software, or ‘smart PMS,’ paired with powered linen carts, are revolutionizing the hotel industry, allowing for real-time, dynamic status updates that equal unprecedented hotel cost management.

Automatically alerting housekeeping staff via smartphone or mobile device of guest checkouts, smart PMS is reducing tension between housekeeping and front office staff, preventing the need for housekeeping to loiter while awaiting guest checkout, boosting efficiency and room prep times.

The Battle on the Frontline

As guests continue to look to ‘experience’ as a barometer, housekeeping is increasingly on the front line of exceptional service, relied upon to provide spotless rooms that are ready on-time, alongside providing a rapid response to hotel guest requests.

Improve operations with less resources and ensure a higher quality experience for guests by providing them a timely and tidy hotel stay. The future of housekeeping, like many industries, lies in mobile apps and automated technology.

The Future of Housekeeping Management

Leaving inefficient clipboards of printed reports and antiquated walkie-talkies in the rearview, smart PMS and well-organized, well-stocked, self-powered housekeeping carts are giving participating hotels an edge. They also prevent time-wasting trips to the front office and supply closets.

Alerting both housekeeping and front office staff to status changes, cleanings/inspections can be immediately addressed, and front desk staff alerted in real-time on the availability of rooms for early check-in, preventing interruptions in workflow.

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