Shell's Fuel Efficient Concept Semi Truck is Sleek and Aerodynamic

Shell’s Fuel Efficient Concept Semi Truck is Sleek and Aerodynamic

One look at the new high-efficiency concept truck from Shell Rotella, and you’ll understand why they named it Starship. The sleek, sloped tractor-trailer developed in partnership with AirFlow Truck Company looks like it came from a sci-fi movie.

Starship trucks won’t be on the road immediately, but you can still get a jump on improving efficiency and cutting costs for transportation. Our motorized trailer dolly replaces the need for a shunt truck so you can maneuver trailers in and out of dock areas and keep your semi trucks on the road more.

The Shell Rotella AirFlow Starship

The Starship was built by AirFlow, a truck company founded and run a former owner/operator who’s been obsessed with aerodynamic truck design for decades.

A highly custom carbon fiber cab that looks like a cockpit highlights the sleek design of the Starship, but there’s more to it than aerodynamics:

– Cummins X15 diesel engine and Eaton transmission

– Solar panels to power the air conditioning, wipers, etc.

– Hybrid electric axle for uphill power and greater efficiency

– Automatically inflating tires to maintain even greater efficiency

Soon, the Starship concept truck will make a transcontinental trip to demonstrate its fuel ratings. We’ll be interested to see how the Starship stacks up against the Tesla semi truck.

Make Efficiency Gains with a Motorized Trailer Dolly

While distribution enterprises await the Starship, we can all benefit now from using a motorized trailer dolly at shipping docks and truck yards.

The TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor requires no CDL or hour logging. Dock workers can easily operate it with safety and precision, so your trailers can always be ready to get back on the road.

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