Freight Companies Book a Whopping 14.9% Increase in Sales

Freight Companies Book a Whopping 14.9% Increase in Sales

The 2017 numbers are in, and transportation performed even better than many thought. After growth of 3 percent in 2016, last year saw a 14.9 percent jump in freight sales. Profit margins jumped, too, nearly doubling to 6 percent.

So, where’s the money going? Large shippers have the most leverage, but small freight companies can compete with smart scaling and agile adjustments, using the tools at their disposal such as a motorized trailer dolly for efficiency around the docks.

What’s Fueling Growth in the Freight Industry?

Booming e-commerce and a healthy overall economy created strong demand for shipping and distribution. A looming driver shortage keeps prices high, as well.

As Forbes has noted, experts forecast the strong sales figures to continue for several years. As the president of KSM Transport Advisors has said, you’d have to be making mistakes to lose money right now.

Keep Operations Lean with a Motorized Trailer Dolly

Of course, things can change quickly. High margins may indicate that your competitors have room to slash prices. If a firm struggles to retain good drivers, operations could slow down. Smaller firms, in particular, need to stay ahead of the curve on efficiency gains.

At DJ Products, we know how material handling equipment can improve your bottom line. Our TrailerCaddy Terminal Tractor does just that by increasing warehouse efficiency.

A motorized trailer dolly offers more maneuverability and control than a typical shunt truck. And because it’s not a truck, you don’t need to log hours on a CDL driver. TrailerCaddy products cost less to purchase and operate while helping to keep your trucks and trailers on the road more.

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