Some positions require material handling equipment that is powerful enough to tackle heavy loads reliably, but that is small and easily maneuvered to where it can weave in and out of tight corners among crowded areas.

Consider feeding times in places like hospitals, nursing homes and institutions – many of the residents of these environments are incapable of visiting a cafeteria so there food must be delivered.  In buildings that have potentially thousands of residents who are on a tight schedule, feeding time can be a very busy time.  Individually carrying meals to the residents is completely impractical, but large manual carts could be too cumbersome to move throughout hallways where there will be residents/patients and other members of the staff constantly moving.

These aren’t atmospheres where the hallways can be tied up for extended periods of time for food service; meals need to be delivered on schedule, quickly and without blocking access to other areas of the unit.

This is where equipment like the Parts CaddyLite from DJ Products becomes a necessity.  This super efficient, quiet and powerful little cart is easy enough to maneuver that even crowded hospital hallways are easily navigated.  Food and supplies can be easily delivered without interfering with other necessary operations and without causing any excess noise that could potentially disrupt residents or patients.

The Parts CaddyLite is easy to use and designed with both efficiency and safety in mind.  With a variable speed adjustment, the job can be completed as quickly as is necessary, but without putting anyone’s safety at risk and the battery is capable of lasting for two whole shifts on a single charge – so reliability will never be an issue.  If your business requires that your employees be capable of delivering goods on time, without fail in an environment that has close quarters and crowds – the Parts CaddyLite will deliver every time.