You ask some people what they do and they’ll tell you that they spend all day pushing paper. Of course, they say this to give you some idea of the kind of work that they do and to indicate that they work in an office setting. With the use if computers and efforts to reduce paper use, they may not even really push that much paper.

However, we know that in some workplaces people really do push paper and if this describes your workplace, think about getting a Paper Roll Pusher from DJ Products to lighten the load and make work easier and safer.

The CartCaddy Powered Roll Pusher is designed to push rolls of paper, fabric, and other products or equipment that moves in a straight line and roll on their own surfaces–all while helping the operator avoid pushing his or herself over the limit. It has been ergonomically created to prevent the strains and pains that are normally associated with manually pushing and pulling heavy carts and equipment. The use of the roll mover minimizes the risk of injury, which consequently reduces the number of workers’ compensation and insurance claims.

The powered roll pusher provides directional force while the steering mechanism maintains the route of the cart. The CartCaddy pusher has been extremely successful in paper companies and for wire spool applications.

For people who really push paper (as opposed to just moving it from an inbox to an outbox) a powered roll pusher is a great piece of equipment for avoiding injury and getting the job done.