Start the Year off on the Right Foot in the Workplace!

Start the Year off on the Right Foot in the Workplace!

Is increased efficiency on your list of New Year’s resolutions for your warehouse? Our electric industrial tugs are a safe and cost-effective way to accomplish this goal.

Supplement your efforts with a number of easy-to-implement methods that improve all factors of warehouse performance. Here are tested tips to increase efficiency and boost productivity in 2019:

Communicate Openly and Often

No matter how well everyone knows their job, nothing should be taken for granted. Share all relevant information required to prevent problems and keep order processing moving smoothly.

Embrace Metrics

Metrics provide specific measurements of performance in a straightforward and objective manner. Today there are more tools than ever before to collect and share data in a user-friendly format.

Maximize Vertical Space and Optimize Slots

Expanding vertically is a quick way to add space without expensive renovations. Warehouse management systems (WMS) let you assign slots for maximum productivity based on seasons, inventory levels, SKU movement and other relevant factors.

Reduce Travel Time

Labor is a significant expense, and much of it is taken up with travel time while picking, packing and shipping orders. Analyze your warehouse layout and make sure work stations are set up in a logical order.

Implement Effective Training Programs

As technology becomes more integrated in warehouse management, workers can’t afford to be left out of the loop. Design robust and ongoing training programs that allow employees to be comfortable with new systems and solicit feedback to find areas for improvement.

Industrial Tugs for Every Application from DJ Products

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