Specialized environments require specialized equipment. DJ Products responded to the specific needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries by introducing a stainless steel model of our versatile CartCaddy Dolly Puller.The manufacture and handling of food, pharmaceuticals and certain other products must be performed in a scrupulously sterile environment. The paint and powder coatings typically applied to manufacturing and material handling equipment are prohibited in such environments. Stainless steel accommodates the rigorous cleaning and decontamination procedures standard in such sensitive environments. DJ Products saw the need for stainless steel versions of its popular dolly puller to assist workers in these and other industries that demand sterile environments.Small and maneuverable, the walk-behind, battery-powered dolly puller is capable of pushing or pulling heavy carts and wheeled equipment. This versatile dolly puller is ergonomically designed to prevent the painful — and costly — pains, strains and injuries suffered by employees attempting to manually push and pull carts in manufacturing and distribution environments.Musculoskeletal injuries caused by pushing, pulling and lifting equipment and materials cost U.S. industries billions of dollars each year not only in direct medical costs, but also in expensive insurance premiums, workers’ compensation costs and lost man-hours. Government data puts the average cost of a single back injury at $26,000. Studies show that the introduction of ergonomic equipment can pay for itself almost immediately by decreasing the risk of worker injury and its associated costs. DJ Products’ stainless steel version of our adaptable powered CartCaddy Dolly Puller allows sensitive industries like food and pharmaceuticals to reduce the risk of costly injuries and focus on  increasing worker safety.A compact, 36-volt, battery-powered motor allows the CartCaddy Dolly Puller to easily transport up to 15,000 pounds of equipment or materials without worker strain. Small but mighty, increased weight over the drive tires augments traction which allows this small powered tug to handle heavy loads. Three 12-volt batteries enable this dolly puller to perform without recharging for an entire shift. Variable speed ergonomic twist grips prevent carpal tunnel syndrome while ensuring instant response when maneuvering in tight spaces. A handy safety stop switch conveniently located at the back of the handlebar box instantly stops operation if risk of injury is imminent. Additional features enable smooth pivoting through a full 180 degrees and much more.To see how we solved this problem in the food and pharmaceutical industries, visit the DJ Products website for full specs on the powerful CartCaddy equipment pusher and dolly puller and to watch a video of the versatile CartCaddy in action.