Many warehouse and distribution center employees face the unique challenge of preparing for dramatic increases in business during some seasons. In fact, depending upon the type of material being stored and shipped from a facility, the vast majority of shipments may occur during one brief window during the year. Without the proper material handling equipment, like the WagonCaddy from DJ Products, these exceedingly busy times of year can dramatically increase the chance of employee injury.

Even during the lower volume times of year manual material handling can increase the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. It might only take a single occasion where an employee attempts to strong arm a heavy load of product manually for a serious injury to occur. When the amount of incoming and outgoing shipments is doubled or tripled the chances of injuries caused by manually moving heavy carts of material goes up as well. The risk of injuries can be minimized if a warehouse or distribution center invests in equipment that is properly designed to handle hauling heavy loads of product like the WagonCaddy from DJ.

Workplace injuries can have a major impact on a business in a few different ways. A serious injury could put a very valuable member of the distribution center team out of work for the foreseeable future. This could put quite a bit of additional stress on the remaining employees who are left to fill the void during the busy times of year, possibly paving the way for additional injuries.

A serious injury to an employee can also result in the need for a costly workers’ compensation claim. Depending upon the severity of the injury a workers’ compensation claim could cost a distribution center thousands and thousands of dollars.

The WagonCaddy has built in safety features like an ergonomically designed variable speed control and an emergency stop switch. This makes this versatile piece of equipment an incredibly effective for increasing safety and efficiency in any high volume distributorship.