We have mentioned that it can be quite a chore to move a stalled vehicle in the heat of summer but it is also no fun to need to move a stalled vehicle in the bitter cold of winter. If your company has a fleet of vehicles we are sure you work to keep them well maintained but that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t need to move one of these vehicles when the temperatures drop. Or perhaps the vehicles you need to move aren’t yours but belong to customers—if that is the case then you need something that can move the staled vehicle without the kind of damage that occurs when you use one vehicle to push another.

Either way, if your cart, car, or piece of equipment has all straight wheels or is on a rail, then DJ Products ergonomic solutions help solve material handling applications where no turning is required.

Car Pusher
Our CarCaddy car pusher can push stalled vehicles across the lot at a service center or along a highway. And as we’ve mentioned, it will not damage the vehicle since the front push pad of the CarCaddy car and vehicle pusher is made of a soft, durable, padded material designed to preserve the paint and integrity of the back end of the stalled vehicle while also protecting the car and vehicle pusher.

Truck Pusher
Push or pull buses, trucks, and cars up to 10,000 lbs. with the DealerCaddy truck pusher. Its adjustable push pad was designed to contour the bumper on the back of any vehicle.