Americans love their cars, and they tend to hang onto them for a long time. That’s doubly true in times like these. When the economy slows and prices rise, people keep their cars until time and mechanical failure finally take their toll. Some owners are able to stave off the inevitable for years, sometimes decades, with attentive maintenance and expert body care. America’s love affair with the automobile coupled with a tight economy has created a growth boom in the auto detailing and reconditioning industry.

For many Americans, their car or truck is an outward extension of their personality. Their ride is part of their personal image. The considerable time and money spent on detailing their car or truck on a regular basis is as much an investment in image as in prolonging the life of the vehicle. These customers demand perfection.

If you are an auto detailer or reconditioner, you’re well aware of the hours of painstaking labor that go into detailing a car and buffing the finish to the clear, deep gloss your customers demand. DJ Products has a product that allows you to move cars around your lot and in and out of service bays without damaging that carefully buffed finish. DJ Products’  CarCaddy car and vehicle pusher is perfect for auto detailers and reconditioners and vehicle service centers where cars must be moved short distances without damage.

The front push pad of the ergonomically-designed CarCaddy is made of a soft, durable, padded material specifically designed to preserve the paint and integrity of the vehicle. Even more, this compact, battery-powered pusher will prevent worker injury. No more pulled muscles and strained backs trying to muscle a vehicle into position. DJ Products’ CarCaddy does the “heavy lifting” so your workers can concentrate on serving your customers.