Warehouse managers often overlook the many benefits walking around can have on productivity. If you are writing a movie and want the boss portrayed as arrogant, out of touch, and the villain, put him in a glass-walled office that looks down on employees and keep him there. But to be the best manager you can be in the real world, interact with people and see what they are facing firsthand.

Frequent walks around your warehouse benefit in many ways:

  • Identify bottlenecks- When you get an up close perspective of the day to day operations, you can more easily identify areas that could be improved by automation and industrial power movers.
  • Improved awareness- There is no denying that employees are more conscious and mindful of following proper procedures and maintaining quality when the boss is nearby.
  • Improved trust- It is much easier for employees to trust you when they get to know who your really are and do not have misconceptions about you. By interacting with them naturally, you remove barriers to open communication.
  • More accountability- Agreements that are made in person and conversations that take place one-on-one are more meaningful. Everyone is more likely to follow through when you interact with your team members on a daily basis.
  • More openness- When people feel comfortable, they are more like to express ideas. Some of their ideas can really be creative and beneficial.

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