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DJ Products Introduces the Tool Cart Caddy

You can only do the job with the tools at hand if you actually have the tools at hand. With our new ToolCaddy, DJ Products has launched a new tool cart mover to make it easier than ever to transport tool chests and equipment with an ergonomic and battery-powered system.

If your maintenance staff needs to get around the property with a variety of tools and parts, that’s a lot of weight to push around all day. It’s also annoying to suddenly stop or turn a tool cart and wind up with small parts flying around.

The ToolCaddy helps you get around smoothly and comfortably. Instead of manually pushing and putting strain on your shoulders to maneuver the cart in tight spaces or onto an elevator, you can let this tool cart mover do the heavy labor itself.

Highlighting the ToolCaddy tool cart mover specs and features:

  • Long-lasting battery power
  • Easy to recharge in any standard 120v outlet
  • Up to 3 mph in forward or reverse
  • Dual-tray cart holds up to 300 pounds
  • Ergonomic design to prevent carpal tunnel, shoulder strain, backache, etc.
  • Walk beside or behind, or use a ride-along platform step

Perfect for apartment complexes and multi-tenant buildings, the ToolCaddy was designed for all kinds of maintenance staff needs. It runs quietly, makes turns carefully, and virtually stops on a dime.

Use the ToolCaddy to:

  • Prevent maintenance staff injury
  • Make one trip to deliver parts, tools, and equipment
  • Reduce fatigue and get more done every day

Find out how DJ Products, leaders in ergonomic automated equipment, can revolutionize your maintenance services with the battery-powered ToolCaddy tool cart mover.