With the 15th Annual National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition opening tomorrow in Las Vegas, this seems like a good time to promote the value of ergonomics to creating safe working conditions, safe work environments and saving businesses a considerable amount of money on their bottom line. ErgoExpo will focus on the role of workplace ergonomics in economic recovery with special educational tracks detailing return on investment, impact on America’s aging workforce, potential to reduce health care costs, and impact on improving workplace safety.

The application of ergonomics to workplace processes and equipment has been proven time and again to increase productivity and profitability while improving health, safety and morale. Implementing an ergonomic plan and utilizing ergonomic equipment in your place of business is a win-win proposition — for business owners and their employees.

  • Ergonomic procedures eliminate painful movements that can stretch and pull muscles causing injury, particularly with repetition or over time.
  • Utilizing ergonomically-designed material handling equipment eliminates the strain and risk of injury from transporting and positioning materials or equipment.
  • Implementing an ergonomic program creates a safer environment in the workplace.
  • Ergonomic equipment allows workers to stay on the job longer and take fewer and shorter breaks, increasing productivity.
  • A safer work environment means fewer injuries and fewer lost man-hours, increasing worker productivity.
  • Fewer injuries decrease direct medical and physical therapy costs as well as the expense of insurance and disability claims, improving your bottom line.
  • When work is less physically taxing, workers are happier and workplace morale goes up.
  • When injuries go down and morale goes up, absenteeism goes down and productivity goes up!

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