Almost since man began walking there has been a problem area for his body – the low back, otherwise known as the lumbar region. While the lower back may not necessarily be where the trouble begins in jobs that are physical in nature it can certainly be where the problems can end up.

Workers for years have believed it is better to move quickly and, in their haste with lifting heavy weights injuries, can occur that will stay with them for a long time. It can be especially disappointing because some of your most industrious workers may be going too hard at their job and incur this type of injury.

There are many ways to prevent these problems, such as instructions on how to lift and the introduction of gas powered fork lifts. A better product to consider for your warehouse is the battery powered tug that can maneuver push carts, pull carts, and trailers.

These quiet workhorses can pull or push heavy loads up to 6 mph. There is an adjustable, customized attachment that enables the tug to lift a variety of carts. This makes it unnecessary for valuable workers to keep getting out and bending over to attach different mechanisms to different carts in your facility.

In addition to preventing the injuries associated with heavy lifting, there is an ergonomically designed variable speed control feature. This allows your operator to smoothly maneuver your carts and trailers without risk of developing carpel tunnel syndrome.

The tugs from Lindbergh have a 16 hour charge capacity and there are of course no emissions for your employees to breathe. These tugs have the capacity, maneuverability and features to keep your best workers busy at work, instead of at the doctor getting permission for light duty work only.