Vehicle pushers, car and truck pushers, trailer movers and heavy equipment tugs provide safe solutions for moving cars, trucks, trailers and heavy equipment. DJ Products has designed a line of vehicle pushers, movers and tugs specifically targeted to the automotive industry.

The CarCaddy car and vehicle pusher was designed to push cars, buses and heavy equipment down an assembly line. This battery powered pusher can push any cart, vehicle or piece of equipment that has all straight wheels or is on a rail when no turning is required or when wheels will be turned by an operator. The CarCaddy is used by manufacturers to push units short distances as they are moved from station to station down an assembly line.

In the automotive industry, the CarCaddy is also often used to push stalled vehicles with pneumatic tires that don’t require steering. The CarCaddy has plenty of power to move stalled cars, trucks, campers and buses at service centers and along highways. The CarCaddy prevents the pain and strain of overextended muscles that occurs when vehicles must be manually pushed from a parking area into a service center garage for servicing. The CarCaddy is also a boon for emergency response crews who must often move vehicles from the highway onto the shoulder of the road for servicing or towing.

When sufficient manpower is unavailable, another vehicle is often used to push the stalled vehicle. Even when executed with care, such maneuvers often result in dents, scratches and cracks to one or both vehicles. The CarCaddy Car Pusher is made of a soft, durable, padded material designed to preserve the paint and integrity of the back end of a stalled vehicle. No more dents, scratches and cracks!

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