The environment in the hospitality industry can be very fast paced.  The crew responsible for removing dirty linens must work quickly to ensure that rooms and suites are in order and as clean as possible for the arrival time of new guests.  Cleaning crews don’t always have the luxury of taking as much time as they need to get a room in order and there is rarely an instance when a number of additional hands are available to help push and overloaded cart.

A cart that is fully loaded with soiled linens can easily way several hundred pounds and thickly carpeted rooms and hallways make pushing those carts and even bigger struggle.  A single employee attempting to manually strong arm a full cart could easily result in injury that leads to missed days of service or possibly even costly worker’s compensation claims.

The best way to ensure fast and efficient service and the safety of every member of your crew is to offer the best equipment for the job.  The powered dirty linen cart from DJ Products has the right design and plenty of power to make changing linens in even the largest of hotels and resorts easy.

The powered dirty linen cart lets a single employee safely handle a cart that is loaded with up to seven hundred pounds of soiled linens.  The powered dirty linen cart handles easily around tight spaces and narrow corridors and has a variable speed adjustment of 1-3 miles per hour to help get the job done as quickly as possible.

Using the best possible equipment can have a profound effect on employee performance.  The powered dirty linen cart from DJ Products will increase a cleaning crew’s efficiency, allowing them to be better prepared to service the guests, at the same time that it reduces the chance for employee injury.