Spring Break is literally right around the corner and summer will be here before you know it and that means one thing for employees of the hospitality industry, that work is about to get a whole lot busier. Breaks between semesters and long summers make great times for families to take vacations and that leaves hotel and motel staff members clamoring to keep up with increased workloads.

Additional guests, staying for longer periods, and increases in check ins and check outs can make for a very hectic environment for hotel cleaning and maintenance crews.  The amount of rooms that need to be cleaned and prepped increase and the weight of the cleaning carts increases right along with it.

In order to try and lighten the heavier workload for hotel cleaning crews during the busy times of year many management staffs are looking to upgrade to powered equipment.  Additions like a power puller from DJ Products can make a world of difference in the productivity of hotel cleaning crews during exceptionally busy times.

A power puller is small and maneuverable enough to work in the tightest and most constricted environments, but powerful enough to handle fully loaded carts weighing up to 1500 pounds.  This incredibly versatile cart is also very quiet during operation which allows staff to quickly perform their required job duties without worrying about disturbing guest.

Hotel staff can use the power puller to easily maneuver fully loaded linen or maintenance carts across concrete, tile or even carpet making it an ideal piece of equipment for just about any environment.  Adding a piece of equipment like the power puller to a hotel staffs’ equipment arsenal can immediately ease the stress and strain put upon employees by the increase in business during even the busiest times.