Summer is a wonderful time of year for many families.  The summer brings longer days, warmer weather, time off of school and most importantly – vacations.  Summer isn’t always the most wonderful season for employees in the hospitality industry though, especially in environments where manual housekeeping carts are still in use.

The summer is an exceedingly busy time of year for hotels, motels and resorts all over the country.  The massive increase in workload during the summer puts housekeeping employees who use manual housekeeping carts at an increased risk of injury due to overexertion.  Hotels and motels that only provide employees with manual housekeeping carts may also struggle to keep up with the increase in volume during the busiest times of year.  The best way to increase staff efficiency, while at the same time minimizing their chances of injury, is by providing equipment designed to eliminate the stress associated with manually pushing heavy carts. 

The powered housekeeping cart from DJ Products is ergonomically designed, completely self propelled and capable of easily hauling loads of up to seven hundred pounds at up to three miles per hour.  This allows a single member of the housekeeping staff to quickly strip and clean multiple rooms without the fear of stress related injuries from struggling with an overloaded cart.

In addition to helping the staff complete their duties in a manner that is both faster and safer, the powered housekeeping cart is also very quiet during operation.  This allows the housekeeping staff to clean and prepare rooms for incoming guests without worrying about disturbing the guests that are already enjoying their vacations.  The powered housekeeping cart from DJ Products is an excellent addition to any hotel environment where safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction could use improvements.