The work environment inside of a hospital can be outrageously hectic, but there is often no time to spare in figuring out how to properly handle a seemingly difficult situation.  Rooms need to be cleaned and prepared for incoming patients, food needs to be delivered on time and patients need to be moved to appropriate areas for the treatment they need regardless of how crowded, cramped or full the hallways and rooms may be.  This presents a unique work situation that requires the right type of equipment for employees to be able to complete all of their required duties in a timely manner.

A power puller is a perfect solution for handling the tight quarters and face paced environment that is faced on a daily basis inside of a hospital.  The power puller from DJ Products is the smallest and most maneuverable tug on the market, but it is powerful enough to handle even the biggest jobs with ease.

Hospital employees can use the power puller from DJ Products to move heavy and fully loaded food and linen carts through narrow, crowded hallways and tight rooms so that patients can be kept as comfortable as possible during their stay and so that other members of hospital staff can go about their necessary duties without having to wait for extended periods of time behind a slow moving cart.  The power puller can also be used to help a single employee easily maneuver a hospital bed for transport or cleaning purposes. 

As with each piece of equipment offered by DJ Products, the power puller is ergonomically designed to make tasks that can often lead to injuries as safe as possible for employees, regardless of physical strength and the power puller runs on a powerful battery that can easily last for an entire eight hour shift on a single charge.  Working in a hospital can be strenuous and stressful, but providing employees with equipment like the power puller from DJ Products will help them to get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible.